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      Legal Marriage Separation Agreement

      Could a Legal Marriage Separation Agreement Prove Vital to Your Future?

      Marriages don’t always last. Fortunately, states like Wisconsin give you multiple options for getting on with your life. Here’s how talking to an attorney about creating a legal marriage separation agreement might help you move forward. Wisconsin Legal Marriage Separation Basics It’s a myth that all failed marriages end in divorce. Legal separation may let…

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      The Fitzgerald Law Firm is a general practice law firm serving both Wisconsin and Illinois.  Our attorneys take pride in delivering quality service to metropolitan areas of these two states. When you contact our law firm, you will be connected with a lawyer who can handle your case effectively and efficiently. Our office is located in Beloit, Wisconsin. It is managed by Attorney Lane Fitzgerald.

      The Fitzgerald Law Firm represents people and businesses in a variety of legal matters. Many customers seek our attorneys for ministerial tasks such as a standard wills or trusts. Others require assistance in more complex matters such as litigation regarding religious discrimination. Regardless of your legal needs, The Fitzgerald Law Firm can assist you.

      The Fitzgerald Law Firm will do everything in its power to keep you out of court. We seek to utilize negotiation and mediation to resolve your legal matter in an efficient, economical, and ethical manner. Our attorneys will not allow your case to become protracted or publicized for our own profit or pride. We handle each client with a level of compassion and understanding second to none.

      There are, unfortunately, some cases which require our lawyers to engage in litigation in order to protect the rights of the client. For example, a district attorney with a “take no prisoners” approach may attempt to make an example of one of our clients or perhaps an individual may have had their constitutional rights infringed upon. Under circumstances such as these, the lawyers of The Fitzgerald Law Firm will zealously take the case to court and protect the rights of the client.

      The attorneys of The Fitzgerald Law Firm adopt a logical and legitimate approach to the law. Our firm is ardently defensive of its clients’ rights and act always in their best interests.

      At The Fitzgerald Law Firm we follow one simple motto: Justice Is Freedom.