At The Fitzgerald Law Firm we understand what it means to serve. We understand the commitment and sacrifice our Beloit- and Rockford-area service men and women make everyday. That is why The Fitzgerald Law Firm offers substantial discounts to Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, Retired, and Honorably Separated personnel of the Armed Forces. If you or someone you know is currently deployed and in need of legal assistance, The Fitzgerald Law Firm may be able to represent the interested party at a significantly reduced rate.


In addition to giving rate reductions to current and previous members of the Armed Forces, The Fitzgerald Law Firm knows and appreciates that you do not have to be halfway around the world to dedicate your time and make contributions to the public at large. This is why the Fitzgerald Law Firm also gives discounts to Police Officers, Firefighters, and other public servants who are regularly placed in harm’s way.



Family Law



  • A single father approached The Fitzgerald Law Firm out of concern for his children. The man’s children were living with their mother allegedly out of state, in squalor, and possibly in danger. After vigorous argument, our firm convinced the court to award our client full legal custody, primary physical placement, and to terminate our client’s child support obligation. Our client’s children are now living safely and securely with our client.
  • After months of unsuccessful attempts to gain access to his son, a father finally turned to The Fitzgerald Law Firm for help. The child’s mother refused to acknowledge our client’s paternity or allow him to see the child. The Fitzgerald Law Firm immediately acted to acquire a court-ordered genetic test confirming our client’s paternity. We then secured a generous placement schedule allowing our client frequent access to his son, making it possible for him to help raise the child.
  • Having endured years of physical and mental abuse from her husband, a woman came to The Fitzgerald Law Firm for help after her husband sought a divorce and sole legal custody of their children. At court, we exposed the husband as a habitual abuser thereby immediately returning the children to our client. Our client now has primary physical placement of the children, while the father has limited access and is prohibited from contacting our client. A mother protected, children safe and secure—these are the results we strive for at The Fitzgerald Law Firm.
  • In the midst of a divorce, a father of three discovered that one of his children was the product of an affair and not his own. The Fitzgerald Law Firm succeeded in having the court order a genetic test, proving that our client was not the father of the child. We then convinced the court to reduce our client’s child support accordingly.



Criminal Law



  • A Beloit man was arrested for allegedly striking and abusing his girlfriend and their child. At trial, the District Attorney presented pictures of bruising on the faces of both the woman and the child. Along with testimony from the woman’s treating physician, neighbors also provided testimony that hair had been pulled from her head. In a two-day trial, The Fitzgerald Law Firm proffered that the client had acted in self-defense and was within his rights to do so. The jury agreed and our client was found Not Guilty on all counts.
  • A Whitewater man was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Misdemeanor Bailjumping after allegedly fighting with his girlfriend and hiding from police. At trial, the District Attorney showed the jury pictures of injuries to the girlfriend and presented testimony from the girlfriend that our client was abusive. During the trial, The Fitzgerald Law Firm asserted that any actions taken by the client were reasonable as the girlfriend admitted to escalating the fight. The jury agreed and our client was found not guilty on all counts.
  • When Police attempted to enter his apartment, our client leapt from his second story balcony and proceeded to run on foot. Fourteen pounds of marijuana were found on the premises. The Fitzgerald Law Firm argued that the client was within his rights to jump from the balcony and run from the building, and such actions, at most, made him a daredevil. On The Fitzgerald Law Firm’s motion, all charges were dismissed.
  • A Wisconsin man retained The Fitzgerald Law Firm after spending a night in jail after being stopped at a DUI checkpoint. The man’s blood alcohol level was .355, far in excess of the legal limit; he did not have a valid driver’s license; and he failed to pass the field sobriety test. Our client was facing a possible sentence of 3-7 years in prison for the DUI and another year in jail for driving on a suspended license, but we successfully negotiated a settlement granting him work release while he completed a mere 90-day jail term.
  • An Arizona resident contacted The Fitzgerald Law Firm, concerned that there was a warrant for his arrest pending out of the State of Wisconsin. After a thorough investigation of the case, The Fitzgerald Law Firm filed a motion to dismiss the case; basing the motion on the District Attorney’s failure to prosecute our client in a timely fashion. After reviewing the motion, the judge dismissed all charges against our client and vacated the warrant, allowing our client to live his new Arizona life in peace—without the threat of prosecution or arrest.
  • A Janesville man was arrested on four felony charges , including three counts of Felony Bailjumping and one count of Strangulation and Suffocation, and seven misdemeanors, including three counts of Retail Theft, three counts of Battery, and one count of Disorderly Conduct. These charges imposed a massive 46-year prison sentence against our client. Acting in the best interests of the client, The Fitzgerald Law Firm filed a motion to dismiss the client’s charges. Once the motion was filed, The Fitzgerald Law Firm was successful in negotiating a very favorable deal with the District Attorney. The client was sentenced to a minimal 90 days in jail, a meager two years of probation, and was not convicted of any felony charge.
  • An Edgerton man was arrested on three felony charges , including two counts of Burglary and one count of Possession of Burglarious Tools, and eighteen misdemeanor charges, including nine counts of Theft, three counts of Receiving Stolen Property, two counts of Criminal Damage to Property, two counts of Misdemeanor Bailjumping, and two counts of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, exposing him to a potential 41-year prison sentence. The Fitzgerald Law Firm immediately initiated the client’s defense by filing a motion to dismiss the case. After filing this motion, The Fitzgerald Law Firm and the District Attorney were able to reach a resolution. The client served a mere 30 days in jail, was given three years probation and was not convicted of any felony charge.






  • Many overwhelmed by personal and business-related debt turn to The Fitzgerald Law Firm for help. In one example of bankruptcy, The Fitzgerald Law Firm was able to successfully exempt all of the client’s personal and business property—valued at over fifty thousand dollars—and caused over $440,000 worth of the client’s debt to be dismissed.
  • In a second example of bankruptcy, a client reached out to The Fitzgerald Law Firm after being separated from her husband. While married, the client had accumulated a substantial sum of debt. Event though she made around $91,000 annually, The Fitzgerald Law Firm was able to discharge all of the client’s debt in the bankruptcy, all while ensuring that the client did not lose any of her property.






  • A disabled man enlisted the help of The Fitzgerald Law Firm after receiving an eviction notice from his landlord after the landlord discovered the man’s attempts to obtain a service animal. At trial, The Fitzgerald Law Firm argued that the landlord had not provided good cause for terminating the rental agreement. We were able to successfully get the case dismissed allowing for our client to remain in his home with his service animal.
  • A woman came to The Fitzgerald Law Firm with a harrowing story of corporate greed: Fortune 400 corporation had illegally invaded her privacy, stolen sensitive documents, and then attempted to cover up the transgression. After retaining The Fitzgerald Law Firm, we immediately went to work on the case. After more than two years of intensive litigation, The Fitzgerald Law Firm was able to negotiate a settlement from the corporation’s executives.



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