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Q1: What made you want to become a lawyer?


It’s something I always knew I wanted to do. I really liked just getting into what the laws are and going ahead and arguing against them or for them, just depending on the situation. I just like to see how it all works together. And of course helping people is a big part of what we do here, so that was also part of it.

Video: What To Do If You’re Stopped For OWI or DUI

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What Do I Do If I’m Pulled Over for Drunk Driving?


Well the best thing to do is of course, one, have a plan. Before we even get to the stop, have a plan if you go out drinking. I assure you a 50 dollar cab ride is a lot cheaper than any attorney you are going to hire if you get arrested, even if you didn’t do anything wrong. So the best thing to do is have a plan.


If you do get pulled over, you do have a right to refuse to take what’s called, generally, a PBT. It’s a preliminary breath test it’s the breathalyzer that they’re going to ask you to blow into. You have a right not to take that.

Video: How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Attorney

Video: How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Attorney


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Title Slide: How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Attorney?


Bankrupcty Attorney Ashley Renz


That will definitely vary from case to case. Obviously there are different ways that we do it. We do some on an hourly basis, we do some flat fee.


For bankruptcy we tend to do a flat fee which can range between $1900 and $3,000 depending on the type of bankruptcy you’re doing. So it will really very depending on what kind of case you have.


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