October 30, 2013

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Wisconsin: 3 Things You Need to Know

written by Lane Fitzgerald

For those who have never before experienced a bankruptcy or are otherwise unfamiliar with the specifics of what it entails, a good first step is to understand the differences between the different kinds of bankruptcy. Knowing what to file for is vitally important when reorganizing your finances and releasing or restructuring your debt.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is among the most common forms and differs from other chapters in a few key ways. In addition to knowing which kind of bankruptcy your situation calls for, it’s also very important to know what to expect once you file both in terms of the bankruptcy process as well as the outcome you can expect to achieve after the proceeding.


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October 22, 2013

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Beloit, Wisconsin: What to Expect

written by Lane Fitzgerald


Although filing for bankruptcy often comes amongst stressful external circumstances, the chapter 13-bankruptcy process is structured in such a way where you shouldn’t encounter any surprises along the way. A key point to remember when filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy is the idea of debt consolidation rather than the kind of straight forward debt relief involved with chapter 7 bankruptcy.


The goal with chapter 13 is to allow debtors a form of rehabilitation given they fulfill their obligations laid out in a court-approved plan while retaining possessions over your home, car, or other significant financial asset which you might otherwise lose. Simply put, chapter 13 is an option for those who have the ability to pay their creditors but require a more affordable payment plan to do so.


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October 15, 2013

Separation Agreements in Beloit: 5 Things You Need to Know

written by Lane Fitzgerald

Divorce can be an arduous and potentially damaging experience to those who enter into it without proper preparation. Fortunately, there’s an option for couples to finalize their agreements in a legally-binding separation agreement prior to filing for divorce. Here are just a few of the key components to what make these documents useful during the broader separation process.


1. Separation agreements make divorce much easier to initiate


Martial separation can be an extremely draining experience to both parties involved for a number of reasons. Many of these issues arise from the task of organizing asset ownership and the divvying up of property when a couple decides to separate whether it escalates to an official divorce or not. When such decisions are not made formally in writing, disputes can often erupt which only serve to complicate and prolong the separation process.


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October 08, 2013

Video: The Biggest Mistakes Attorneys Make

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Title Slide: The Biggest Mistakes Attorneys Make | With Ashley Renz, Brad Schweiger, and Lane Fitzgerald


Question: What are some of the biggest mistakes attorneys make?


Attorney Lane Fitzgerald: It's difficult to say, there's so many. There are so many different ones that can be made.